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Lynx Links is the email digest you've been waiting for. Lynx Links reviews internet resources that are Lynx friendly, useful, and fun!

There are a lot of websites out there, chock full of frames, imagemaps, badly made forms, and poorly formatted tables. They will work, usually, with those "other" browsers. But trying to use them with Lynx is well-nigh impossible! Lynx is forgiving, but it cannot correct HTML errors for you.

Subscribe to Lynx Links, and receive reviews on a variety of useful, friendly, and fun internet sites. We review websites, newsgroups, discussion lists, gopher resources, shareware/freeware, web-boards, MUDs, and anything else that catches our reviewers' eyes.

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If this page doesn't look pretty in your browser, rest assured that it looks good in Lynx. Lynx users are our target market, which means we go easy on the graphics, backgrounds, colors, etc.

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